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Posted by unintendedpenis on June 29, 2009

The Office of Government Commerce (OCG) in the UK came out with a new logo last year.


Nice. Simple. Not flashy. Certainly not penis like.

Or is it? Let’s do a little 90 degree rotation on this thing.


OMG!! What is that man doing?! Put that thing away sir!!

You can’t make this stuff up. Check their website to see the logo in action:


3 Responses to “OGC…OMG!”

  1. wendy said

    wow I think this is my favorite thing you have ever posted! HILARIOUS!

  2. The Green Fairy said

    Hmmm. I have to wonder if he is doing it himself, because no self respecting girl would touch a sqaure penis?

  3. Danielle said

    LMAO! That needs to be your avatar.

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