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The picture that started it all

Posted by unintendedpenis on June 17, 2009

Last year, there was a contest on MDU. It was spawned from a picture that was eventually known as “the unintended penis”.  The contest involved people taking picturesof objects they found that resembled a penis. Thus, it was an unintended penis.

Cut to a few months ago. I was at the toy store with my kids, looking at Bakugan toys when I see this:


That thing totally looks like a penis! And it gets better. Here is a picture of it in action:


And so this blog was born. I hope I can find enough penises out there to keep it up. Hee hee, I said ” keep it up”.


3 Responses to “The picture that started it all”

  1. The Green Fairy said

    Too bad we don’t have the ORIGINAL one. But then I guess the blog would have to be X-rated.

  2. Becky said

    My son made this for me last year, with his Magnetix.

  3. tesseractyl said

    lol, you rock. keep it up indeed!

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